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Introduction to Ginseng

Ginseng has long been regarded as a valuable health supplement. Its medical and health benefits are widely recognized and there are researches proving it too. Ginseng is named based on its origins, for example those grown in the Changbai Mountain in Northeast China are called Changbai ginseng and those produced in the United States or Canada are called American ginseng or Canadian ginseng.


History of North American Ginseng

Indians, aboriginals of North America, have used wild ginseng for a long time. Their wizards used ginseng as an amulet or for ritual purposes. Apart from that, they also used ginseng as a health supplement.


In 1716, Father Lafitau from Canada discovered ginseng in Montreal. From then, people started to mass excavating ginseng and exported them to China. By the late nineteenth century, most of the wild ginseng had already been excavated and the natural environment had been damaged. The government then began to monitor and restrict the excavation of wild ginseng, and businessmen started to grow ginseng.


The first artificial field for ginseng was in the United States. The seeds were then passed to Canada at a later time, and also to China in mid nineties. Therefore, there are artificial ginseng fields in the United States, Canada and China now. However, as there are differences in the environment and planting techniques, the quality of ginseng also differs.


Origins of North American Ginseng

The biggest producers of ginseng are the Northeastern part of United States and the Southeastern part of Canada. Ginsengs are divided into American ginseng and Canadian ginseng according to their production area.


Introduction to Korean Ginseng

Korean ginseng refers to the ginseng specifically produced in the Korean Peninsula. It is the root of Araliaceae and has a history of over a thousand years. Far back during the Goryeo Dynasty, Korean ginseng was titled “the anti-aging plant” and “the mysterious remedy”, showing that the nutrition level and benefits of Korean ginseng have already been recognized at that time. Till now, Korean ginseng has become the specialty of Korea and the dishes and gifts for foreign guests.


History of Korean Ginseng

According to the legend, during the Goryeo Dynasty era, there was a Buddhist whose mother was old and often sick. He prayed everyday, wishing her mother would recover soon. The god was impressed by him. One day when he was sleeping, the god told him to go up the hill and find a kind of plant that has green leaves, white root and red fruits and then boil it and let his mother drink it. He followed the god’s instructions and his mother was recovered soon after.


With the hope of helping more people, the Buddhist then learned to plant that plant and he gave it the name “ginseng”. Till now, people still commemorate the Buddhist as the pioneer of ginseng cultivation.