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Products Origin

Introduction to Edible Bird’s Nest

Edible bird’s nest is made from only a few species of the Apodidae Swiftlets, also known as cave swiftlets. They are mainly grey in color with a faint tint of gold on their back and have long and sharp wings. They mainly feed on insects, seaweed, and whitebait fish. After digestion, their salivary glands enable them to produce enough saliva to make nests. Typically, a nest takes 30-60 days to be completed.

Origins of Edible Bird’s Nest

Indonesia is the biggest producer of edible bird’s nest in the world, producing approximately 80% of the available edible bird’s nest. The rest of the 20% is mainly comprised of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our Major Suppliers of Edible Bird’s Nest

We have our own bird’s nest factories in Sumatra and Java, both of which are located in Indonesia. The characteristics of the bird’s nest coming from these 2 places are:

Sumatra: Stronger protein taste and softer texture

Java: Weaker Protein taste and crunchier