How to choose

How to choose

Bird's Nest

How to Choose Edible Bird’s Nest :


Weight : By looking at the difference of weight between the bird’s nest when it is wet and dry is one of the ways to determine the quality of the nest. High quality nests can weigh as much as 6 to 8 times when it is wet compared to being dry. When the multiple is high, it would also mean that when it is cooked, there would be a larger amount available for consumption.


Cleanliness : Having fewer feathers left in the edible bird’s nest is better. Bigger retail stores will have factories in Indonesia to take out the excess feathers. Consumers will only need to clean the bird’s nest with water and pick out any leftover feathers. However, they need to see whether the feathers are actually picked out or if the whole nest was bleached. Bleached nests will have a lower nutrition level.


Dryness : Normal edible bird’s nest is 90% dry, if it is completely dry, it will easily crack. When choosing edible bird’s nest, consumers should pick ones that are firm and when touched, should feel that the edges are slightly sharp.