Real vs Fake

Real vs Fake

Distinguishing between Real and Fake Edible Bird’s Nest

On the market, there are numerous amounts of fake edible bird’s nests. The following are some methods businessmen use to create these fake products:

  • Dyeing: Dyeing white-nest with a yellow or red color and selling it as yellow nest or red nest
  • Coating: Coating the nest with products (such as flour, fish power, egg, etc.) to improve the brightness on the surface, and increase the thickness and weight
  • Fake: Using products such as resin or bleached seaweed to imitate instant edible bird’s nest or crush


How to distinguish between real and fake edible bird’s nest?





Have small amount of feathers

Have other impurities such as pig’s hair



Whole bird’s nest is of the same color and will fade in water


Translucent under light



Has the odor of birds

Has the odor of fat, vinegar or smell of it being fried before

After putting in water

Can see it being in strips and thins

Water becomes murky and are not in strips and thins

Water absorption

Strong, up to 6-8 times its own weight