Dry Edible Bird's Nest Nutrition Table

  • Protein 49.85%
  1. Histidine 2.7%
  2. Arginine 2.7%
  3. Cystine 2.4%
  4. Trptophan 1.4%
  5. Tyrosine 5.6%
  • Carbohydrates 30.55%
  • Minerals (Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur)



Nutrition Level/ Benefits of Edible Bird's Nest

  • "Ben Cao Qiu Zhen": Bird's Nest nourishes lung, kidney and stomach; it is calm and mild.
  • Professor Jiang Run Xiang from The Chinese University of Hong Kong published a report in Ming Pao issue 231 (May, 1985) concerning what the edible bird's nest is comprised of and the relationship between the benefits of edible bird's nest and the temperature in which they are cooked with. It also looks into the effects it has on the human body and how it affects the metabolism.
  • Professor Jiang found 2 main factors that would be beneficial to the human body when consuming edible bird's nest, Stimulation Factor and Cell Mediated Immunity. They can help to increase the regeneration of the human cells and promote better growth, as well as to boost the immune system. It can also help weak people to improve their health and or even increase the recuperation rate for people who just recovered from illness.
  • The report also states that the 2 factors remain as long as the temperature stays below 80°C. If it is prepared by boiling, the temperature could reach as high as 130°C and would therefore lower the benefits of consuming the nest. The best way is to stew it with medium fire and by placing the container with the nest into another larger container with water in it. The current instant edible bird's nest and edible bird's nest with rock sugar in the market uses high temperature to kill off bacteria during its production process. By doing so, the effects of the 2 factors are greatly diminished causing the benefits of such products to be lower.

Relationship between temperature and the effects of the 2 factors:

The effects of the 2 factors start to deteriorate as temperature reaches 90°C. When cooking the edible bird's nest through boiling, the temperature can reach up to 130°C, which reduces the benefits from these 2 factors to a low level.

If the edible bird's nest is prepared through stewing with medium fire by putting the container into another container with water, the temperature reaches approximately 90°C and would be able to keep its nutrition level.