First Edible Nest has established itself as one of Hong Kong's leading brand in selling dried seafood and other traditional Chinese products such as ginseng since December, 1995. We were able to revolutionize the traditional way of selling such products by opening up chain retail stores. In Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, we have a large amount of well-facilitated nest houses and other production facilities. With our strict quality control from collecting, sorting, cleaning, requirement checking, storing, to exporting, we are able to guarantee the safety issues and hygiene of our products, allowing us to offer our customers the most natural edible bird's nest.

First Edible Nest keeps having high quality products at a fair price as our mission. With this clear vision in mind, we are able to successfully bring a professional image and establish a long and trustworthy relationship with our customers. We currently have over 300,000 members and have achieved numerous awards.

To satisfy our customer and public demand, we continue to search for premium food from all over the world. We currently have different products including edible bird's nest, cordyceps, dried seafood, abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin, mushrooms, American and Korean ginsengs and other health products. We have over 40 retail stores in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Out of these stores, 33 of them are in Hong Kong, the most in this industry.


First Edible Nest will continue to adapt, innovate, and continue to keep our vision of "eating with ease at heart". In the future, we will continue charging forward and improve. We will take the initiative in doing so, view our challenges as our chance to improve and establish more results that we will be proud of.